What Is the Economics Discovery Hub

The Economics Discovery Hub (EDH) is a free exploratory platform for student development brought to you by CERGE-EI graduate programs. more

How Do I Apply?

Fill in an application form for the selected course. Pay attention when filling in your motivation as it is very important for the selection process. more

Applied Data Science

Applied Data Science

Ready to crunch some numbers and get to the hard facts? Join our free courses and workshops in applied data science to learn Python, Machine Learning, R, and much more! more

Soft Skills and Mentoring

Soft Skills

Improve your presentation and communication skills, learn how to motivate your team, and much more with our free soft skills workshops and courses. more

  • “I was inspired myself by one of the great courses (Web App Development in R using Shiny) at the  Economics Discovery Hub last year taught by Pablo Maldonado, who seemed to me to be a real professional and who inspired me to learn more about this software and eventually to develop my own web application for IDEA Think Tank (https://ideaapps.cerge-ei.cz/Trendy/).”

    – Taras Hrendash, PhD in Economics student at CERGE-EI

  • “I am teaching in the Discovery Hub to spread knowledge which is very useful in the ‘post-academia period of life,’ and which only few students learn during their studies.”

    – Petar Buha, MA in Applied Economics Graduate of 2015, teaches Mastering Excel Basics and Mastering Advanced Excel Functions courses in EDH

  •  “Exciting, interesting, challenging….I'm in for the next event!”

    – Louise Nebelsztein, participant of the Data-Driven Changemakers Datathon 2016

Talking Economics

Talking Economics

Are you interested in current economics research? Join our free public lectures, seminars and courses, and meet some of the top economics scholars of today. more

For High School Students

For High School Students

A free research program designed for talented high school students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of economics.  more