Entry Requirements

General information

  • Any individual from any country is welcome to submit an application.
  • CERGE-EI does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender, or religion.
  • There is no application fee.

Background requirements

  • Strong background in mathematics.
  • Sufficient proficiency in English to read, write and fully understand PhD-level study material.
  • Previous education in economics is welcomed, but not required.

Educational requirements

  • A Master's degree or equivalent that can be recognized in the Czech Republic (or the expectation of completing a Master's degree by June of the year for which you are applying).
  • We accept applications from talented BA holders who wish to pursue a PhD education.
  • However, due to the Czech Higher Education Act 1998, s 48(3): ‘Admission to a Doctoral degree programme is conditional on the completion of studies in a Master’s degree programme,’ therefore in order to admit a Bachelor student into the US PhD program, the applicant is required to simultaneously apply for the integrated Master in Economic Research program to be able to directly enrol into the PhD study track.