Financial Aid

Please note that application deadline for the fellowships 2020/2021 is prolonged till April 30, 2020.

We have a number of financing options to meet the financial needs of our students. We do not grant full scholarships though substantial discounts are offered through different financial aid schemes:

Financial Aid

Deadline: November 30, 2019 or April 30, 2020 together with program application
Form: Tuition discount

Students with a financial need can request the admission committee to award them with a financial aid package. The lowest tuition level available through the financial aid is 7,000 USD. To apply, please attach a short letter explaining your financial need along with your application for the MA in Applied Economics Program. The admission committee will make the decision on financial aid as a combination of need and merit. 

Merit Scholarship For Exceptional Students

Deadline: none (evaluated after the Fall Semester)
Form: Spring and Summer Semester tuition discount

This scholarship rewards academic excellence in the MA in Applied Economics program. Two scholarships are awarded to students in the form of tuition discounts. The student with the highest GPA in the Fall Semester will receive a 2,000 USD discount, while the student with the second highest GPA for the Fall Semester will receive a 1,500 USD discount.

Download more detailed information about the Merit Scholarship

Impact For Society Fellowship (ISF)

Deadline: April 30, 2020
Form: Tuition discount

The Impact for Society Fellowship (ISF) attracts exceptional applicants to the MA in Applied Economics program at CERGE-EI who have already created projects or enterprises with social impact. Like other applicants to the program, they are curious, impact-driven and self-reflective. Their past results and forward-looking ideas will make them natural leaders in social impact work in their student cohort.

The fellowship is set up to cover most of the tuition costs of attending the MA in Applied Economics program at CERGE-EI, not to provide funding for interesting social projects.

Download more detailed information about the Impact for Society Fellowship.

Read more about our three 2017 ISF Fellows.

Public Service Fellowship (PSF)

Deadline: April 30, 2020
Form: Part of tuition payments deferred or waived if student works for public sector post graduation

The purpose of the Public Service Fellowships (PSF) is to encourage students from the program to seek public service employment in their countries of origin. The program recognizes that post-communist countries in particular have faced a real need for evidence- and data-based public service, but at the same time a lack of interest by relevant professionals to deliver better public policy. Since the MA in Applied Economics program at CERGE-EI is well suited to developing professionals for these positions, we set up a fellowship to encourage public service involvement of our graduates. In addition to receiving a tuition deferment schedule, students will also get additional mentoring from MAE and PhD alumni who work in the public sector.

Download more detailed information about the Public Service Fellowship

Applied Learning Program (ALP)

Deadline: April 30, 2020
Form: Assistantship and tuition discount fellowship worth 1,000 USD per semester of engagement

The Applied Learning Program (ALP) is a selective part of the Personal Professional Development (PPD) and reflects the commitment of the MAE program to help enrolled students develop skills related to real world applications of their studies. Students get personal experience with elements of applied economics related to marketing and management of human resources. They will collaborate on specific projects and receive rigorous written feedback by the program staff.

Download more detailed information about the Applied Learning Program

Teaching Fellowships

Deadline: Spring Semester of the MA in Applied Economics program
Form: Deferred tuition for Summer Semester and/or direct compensation up to the amount of 2,400 USD

Teaching fellowships are offered to exceptional graduates of western-style economics programs who want to teach an undergraduate course in post-communist countries (often their country of origin, but not necessarily). MAE students are eligible to apply, based on the recommendation of the Academic Skills Center. It is realistic that there will be up to 4 places. Courses need to be taught in the Fall Semester of the academic year after graduation. Compensation for the one taught course is 2,400 USD. Students recommended to the program will be able to defer up to 2,400 USD of their Summer Semester tuition payment until December 2021.

Download more detailed information about Teaching Fellowships.

Merit-based scholarships for MA in Applied Economics program