Alumni Careers

Currently, CERGE-EI alumni are employed in more than 32 countries worldwide.

They are successful in finding placements on both the international academic market and in the private sector. Many also join policy oriented institutions, such as think tanks, ministries, central banks and international organizations, such as European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, OECD, or World Bank.

Eva Alumni

Selected Alumni Carreers

PhD in Economics, Master in Economics


Mykola Babiak (PhD in Economics 2019), Assistant Professor in Finance at Lancaster University Management School    Blog Interview

Vojtěch Bartoš (PhD in Economics 2016), Assistant Professor at the University of Munich   Blog Interview

Liyousew Borga (PhD in Economics 2018), Research Associate at the Institute for Research on Socio-Economic Inequality at the University of Luxembourg

Jaroslav Borovička (Master in Economics 2006), Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, New York University

Jana Cahlíková (PhD in Economics 2016), Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute, Munich   Blog Interview

Dagmara Celik Katreniak (PhD in Economics 2016), Lecturer at City, University of London

Maxim Goryunov (PhD in Economics 2016) Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Nazarbayev University, Astana   Blog Interview

Vahagn Jerbashian (PhD in Economics 2013), Assistant Professor, University of Barcelona Blog Interview

Dejan Kovač (PhD in Economics 2018), Research Associate at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University   Blog Interview

Andrei Matveenko (PhD in Economics 2019), Postdoctoral Researchers at Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

Ludmila Matysková (PhD in Economics 2018), Post-doctoral Researcher in Microeconomic Theory at the University of Bonn

Ján Palguta (PhD in Economics 2016), Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid    Blog interview

Jakub Steiner (PhD in Economics 2006), Associate Professor with Tenure, CERGE-EI Prague and University of Zurich

International Organizations, Central Banks, Governments 

Martin Čihák (PhD in Economics 2002), Advisor and Unit Chief, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington, D.C.

Pavel Dvořák (PhD in Economics 2008), Principal, Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London   Blog Interview

Michaela Erbenová (PhD in Economics 1997), Assistant Director, Resource & Information Management Division at the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.   Blog Interview

Kamil Galuščák (PhD in Economics 2002), Executive Director, Economic Research Department, Czech National Bank, Prague

Martin Kuncl (PhD in Economics 2014), Senior Analyst, Bank of Canada, Ottawa

Anita Taçi (PhD in Economics 2000), Deputy Director, Strategy Coordination & Results Management, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London

Private Sector

Ilkin Aliyev (PhD in Economics 2013), Senior Economist, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran

Katarzyna Rzentarzewska (Master in Economics 2011), Chief CEE Macro Analyst, Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna

Olga Haislip (Master in Economics 2004), VP of Quantitative Modeling, Bank of the West, San Francisco, California 


Master in Applied Economics

International Organizations, Central Banks, Governments

Zuzana Čarnogurská (Master in Applied Economics 2017), Analyst, Value for Money, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovakia

Ivana Draženović (Master in Applied Economics 2019), Analyst, Croatian National Bank   Blog Interview

Karel Musil (Master in Applied Economics 2014), Head of Macroeconomic Forecasting Division, Czech National Bank, Prague 

Sevinj Gahramanova  (Master in Applied Economics 2012), Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Private Sector

Enis Hasimi (Master in Applied Economics 2014), Specialist, Real Estate Transaction Structuring at DekaBank, Frankfurt

Filip Kunčar (Master in Applied Economics 2015), Data Analyst and Engineering Team Lead,, Prague

Andrew Pribram (Master in Applied Economics 2013), Senior Manager, Renewal Sales and Subscriptions at Avast, Prague

Masood Sadat (Master in Applied Economics 2017), Economist, Moody's, Prague

Jiří Sýkora (Master in Applied Economics 2014), Investment Manager, PPF Group, Prague

Elizaveta Zaskukhina (Master in Applied Economics 2018), Data Scientist, MSD, Prague