CERGE-EI Students Advance to the Final Round of the CFA Research Challenge!

20 January, 2015

Congratulations to Andrea Šandorová, Milan Lupač and Jindřich Gallo who have advanced to the Czech Republic’s final round for this year’s CFA Research Challenge! The team of students from our MA in Applied Economics program is led by Jiří Trešl, PhD who is teaching a new course in Applied Investment Analysis at CERGE-EI.

Mr Trešl says: "The students wrote an excellent equity research report which incorporates all state of the art financial knowledge. This is an outstanding group of young individuals who are fun to work with." Jiří Trešl is founder of Professional Knowledge Applied (pkA), an educational service company aiming to provide top-quality online education in Applied Finance.

Good luck to Andrea, Milan and Jindřich in the final round on 28th January!