Library Projects

Library ongoing and former projects


The library benefited from generous support from the U.S. Agency for International Development in 2006-2011, 2012-2015 and 2017-2021 through the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) grant program.

The USAID/ASHA grant supplied funds to support the purchase of books, monographs, journals, databases, and subscriptions vital to the Library’s purpose, thus helping to support CERGE-EI’s broader mission:

  • to train future public officials, business leaders, and university faculty and researchers from the former communist countries and Central and Eastern Europe in modern economics;
  • to stimulate and support academic and policy-oriented economic research by disseminating this research to corporate managers and academic economists throughout the region and globally via seminars, symposia, conferences, working papers, and other publications; and
  • to facilitate the transfer of modern western standards of economic instruction and scientific work to the Czech Republic and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, with a special emphasis on educating the instructors of future generations of business leaders and voters.

The USAID program supports the library in its activities and services by:

  • creating the best possible informational environment for CERGE-EI students, faculty, researchers and other active users of the library,
  • adding the current top world economic literature to the collection soon after publication, in cooperation with well-known suppliers,
  • providing qualified library and information services in both Czech and English, and
  • strengthening the library’s technical capacity through Czech and world-wide acquisition of monographs, journals, and electronic journals and databases.

Consumables Financed by USAID/ASHA

Books – Print and electronic monographs are acquired when requested by CERGE-EI professors, with special emphasis on economic theory, transition, macro- and micro-economics, statistics, and other related disciplines. The main textbooks for the CERGE Ph.D. program must be purchased in sufficient numbers so that each student may have his/her own copy of the textbook for the semester. Textbooks are purchased according to each semester’s reading lists. Major statistical publications of special interest to CEE countries, current Czech economics literature, and reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopaedias are also acquired.

Journals – Annual journal subscriptions as approved by the Library Committee are acquired. These are typically foreign and Czech economics journals and other related special journals in print or electronic copies.

Databases – Bibliographic, full-text, and statistical databases related to economics research and education are also purchased. The annual purchasing of databases is an on-going process, and purchases must be approved by the Library Committee.

The USAID grant helped to boost the library's acquisitions by funding:

  • databases
  • books
  • journal titles.

These essential items were purchased for the library with funds from the American people, through USAID.

We thank the CERGE-EI Foundation, U.S.A., which administered the grant on behalf of CERGE-EI.