Distance Learning Program

The Distance Learning Program live-streams undergraduate economics courses to universities across the formerly socialist countries of Europe and Central Asia. The objective of this program is to provide specialized and advanced courses that could be difficult for many universities to offer, either due to insufficient student demand or a lack of faculty with the relevant expertise. The simultaneous participation of several universities encourages interaction between students in different countries and enables students to experience an international classroom.

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The course main instructors are Western-qualified individuals, primarily consisting of CERGE-EI Foundation Teaching Fellows and faculty members, researchers and PhD students.

All courses are conducted in English and they are supported by faculty or PhD students (local instructors) at the participating universities: a longer-term objective of the project is to aid local capacity-building. Prior to joining the Distance Learning Program, all local instructors are required to complete the Pedagogical Training for Local Instructors. This training program comprises seminars and workshops that emphasize the latest educational best practices in the fields of Education and Economics Education, as drawn from current literature.

Distance Learning Program through local instructors’ lenses


If your university is interested in becoming a part of our Distance Learning Program, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..