Research in Brief Archive

CERGE-EI Research in Brief Series (known as Policy Briefs until 2010) papers are published irregularly and serve for dissemination of policy relevant research findings. These papers are published in electronic form and are freely downloadable from the CERGE-EI website.

18. Münich, Daniel, and Martin Srholec. December 2012. “German Mothers and Czech Daughters: Horizontal or Vertical Direct Investment?” (Download)

17. Stanišić, Dragana. August 2012. “Terrorism: Does Public Opinion Matter?” (Download)

16. Bičáková, Alena. November 2011. “Gender Unemployment Gaps: Evidence from the New EU Member States.” (Download)

15. Pertold, Filip. May 2010. “Peer Effects and Youth Smoking among Secondary School Students in the Czech Republic.” (Download)

14. Dvořák, Pavel, and Jan Hanousek. November 2009. “Paying for Banking Services: What Determines the Fees?” (Download)

13. Van Koten, Silvester. November 2008. “Shortcomings of the new EU regulations for the Electricity Industry: The Pitfalls of Legal Unbundling.” (Download)

12. Van Koten, Silvester, and Andreas Ortmann. November 2008. “The Unbundling Regime for Electricity Utilities in the EU: A Case of Legislative and Regulatory Capture?” (Download)

11. Dinga, Marián. November 2008. “The Impact of Territorially Concentrated FDI on Local Labor Markets.” (Download)

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8. Dušek, Libor. December 2005. “Crime, Deterrence, and Democracy. Weaker Police Was a Major Factor behind the Rapid Growth in Crime After 1989.” (Download)

7. Podpiera, Jiří. December 2005. “Sources of Real Convergence in Emerging Markets.” (Download)

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3. Kadochnikov, Sergey, Pavel Essine, and Sergey Slobodyan. June 2004. “What Explains the Product Differentiation of Russian Companies: Competitive Pressure or Technological Spillovers?” (Download)

2. Kazakova, Elena, and Štěpán Jurajda. June 2004. “Wages in a Growing Russia: When is a Ten Percent Rise in the Gender Pay Gap Good News?” (Download)

1. Kadochnikov, Sergey, Pavel Essine, and Sergey Slobodyan. July 2003. “What Forces Russian Firms to Increase Product Variety: FDI or Competition from Import?” (Download)