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739. Rehák Rastislav. November 2022. “Sequential Sampling Beyond Decisions? A Normative Model of Decision Confidence” (Full Text)

738. Boadu-Sebbe Gregory. October 2022. “Effect of Exchange-Traded Funds Arbitrage Transactions on their Underlying Holdings” (Full Text)

737. Šustek Roman. October 2022. “A Back-of-the-Envelope Analysis of House Prices: Czech Republic, 2013-2021” (Full Text)

736. Ilinov Pavel, Andrei Matveenko, Maxim Senkov and Egor Starkov. September 2022. “Optimally Biased Expertise” (Full Text)

735. Kosar Mariia and Sergei Mikhalishchev. September 2022. “Inattentive Price Discovery in ETFs” (Full Text)

734. Senkov Maxim. August 2022. “Setting Interim Deadlines to Persuade” (Full Text)

733. Trestcov Ivan. August 2022. “Compliance Behavior under Surveillance: Introduction of the Video Assistant Referee to European Football” (Full Text)

732. Bičáková Alena and Klára Kalíšková. August 2022. “Is Longer Maternal Care Always Beneficial? The Impact of a Four-year Paid Parental Leave” (Full Text)

731. Korlyakova Darya. July 2022. “Do Pessimistic Expectations About Discrimination Make Minorities Withdraw Their Effort? Causal Evidence” (Full Text)

730. Bianchi Daniele, Mykola Babiak and Alexander Dickerson. June 2022. “Trading Volume and Liquidity Provision in Cryptocurrency Markets” (Full Text)

729. Šterc Ante. June 2022. “Limited Consideration in the Investment Fund Choice” (Full Text)

728. Hrehová Kristína and Štefan Domonkos. June 2022. “Proximity to Help Matters: The Effect of Access to Centers of Legal Aid on Bankruptcy Rates” (Full Text)

727. Stojanović Danilo. May 2022. “The 2003 Tax Reform and Corporate Payout Policy in the US” (Full Text)

726. Baisalova Aisha. July 2022. “Exploring Border Effects: Sensitivity of Cigarette Consumption to Excise Tax” (Full Text)

725. Cingl Lubomír, Tomáš Lichard and Tomáš Miklánek. March 2022. “Mist Over a Meadow: Tax Designation Effects on Compliance” (Full Text)

724. Rakhmetova Aizhamal, Roman Hoffmann and Mariola Pytliková. March 2022. “Access to Financial Resources and Environmental Migration of the Poor” (Full Text)

723. Sargsyan Ella. March 2022. “Violent Conflicts and Child Gender Preferences of Parents: Evidence from Nigeria” (Full Text)

722. Travova Ekaterina. March 2022. “For God, Tsar and Fatherland? The Political Influence of Church” (Full Text)

721. Kashkarov Daniil. March 2022. “RBTC and Human Capital: Accounting for Individual-Level Responses” (Full Text)

720. Bělín Matěj, Tomáš Jelínek and Štěpán Jurajda. March 2022. “Social Networks and Surviving the Holocaust” (Full Text)

719. Ilinov Pavel and Ole Jann. February 2022. “An Equivalence Between Rational Inattention Problems and Complete-Information Conformity Games” (Full Text)

718. Šoltés Michal. January 2022. “Consequences of Inconvenient Information: Evidence from Sentencing Disparities” (Full Text)

717. Kudashvili Nikoloz and Gega Todua. January 2022. “Information, Perceived Returns and College Major Choices” (Full Text)


716. Kapanadze Ketevani. December 2021. “Checkmate! Losing with Borders, Winning with Centers. The Case of European Integration” (Abstract) (Full Text)

715. Drápal Jakub and Michal Šoltés. December 2021. “Sentencing Decisions Around Quantity Thresholds: Theory and Experiment” (Abstract) (Full Text)

714. Mikula Štěpán and Mariola Pytliková. November 2021. “Air Pollution and Migration: Exploiting a Natural Experiment from the Czech Republic” (Abstract) (Full Text)

713. Pyrlik Vladimir, Pavel Elizarov and Aleksandra Leonova. November 2021. “Forecasting Realized Volatility Using Machine Learning and Mixed-Frequency Data (the Case of the Russian Stock Market” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

712. Staněk Filip. November 2021. “Optimal Out-of-Sample Forecast Evaluation under Stationarity” (Abstract) (Full Text)

711. Nazafat Mahdi and Ctirad Slavík. November 2021. “Asset Prices and Business Cycles with Liquidity Shocks” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

710. Bianchi Daniele and Mykola Babiak. November 2021. “A Factor Model for Cryptocurrency Returns” (Abstract) (Full Text)

709. Federičová Miroslava. November 2021. “The Outflow of High-ability Students from Regular Schools and Its Long-term Impact on Those Left Behind” (Abstract) (Full Text)

708. Rehák Rastislav and Maxim Senkov. October 2021. “Form of Preference Misalignment Linked to State-pooling Structure in Bayesian Persuasion” (Abstract) (Full Text)

707. Srhoj Stjepan and Melko Dragojević. October 2021. “Public Procurement and Supplier Job Creation: Insights from Auctions” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

706. Bičáková Alena and Klára Kalíšková. September 2021. “Career-breaks and Maternal Employment in CEE Countries” (Abstract) (Full Text)

705. Kapička Marek and Ctirad Slavík. September 2021. “Organization of Knowledge and Taxation” (Abstract) (Full Text)

704. Mamonov Mikhail and Anna Pestova. September 2021.  “'Sorry, You're Blocked.' Economic Effects of Financial Sanctions on the Russian Economy” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

703. Kyrychenko Olexiy. September 2021. “Environmental Regulations, Air Pollution, and Infant Mortality in India: A Reexamination” (Abstract) (Full Text)

702. Kyrychenko Olexiy. September 2021. “The Impact of the Crisis-induced Reduction in Air Pollution on Infant Mortality in India: A Policy Perspective” (Abstract) (Full Text)

701. Kúnin Michael and Krešimir Žigić. August 2021. “A Note on Jain´s Digital Piracy Model: Horizontal vs Vertical Product Differentiation” (Abstract) (Full Text)

700. Srhoj Stjepan, Dejan Kovač, Jacob N. Shapiro, and Randall K. Filer. August 2021. “The Impact of Delay: Evidence from Formal Out-of-Court Restructuring” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

699. Anatolyev Stanislav and Vladimir Pyrlik. August 2021. “Shrinkage for Gaussian and t Copulas in Ultra-High Dimensions” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

698. Bičáková Alena, Guido Matias Cortes, and Jacopo Mazza. August 2021. “Make Your Own Luck: The Wage Gains from Starting College in a Bad Economy” (Abstract) (Full Text)

697. Bauer, Michal, Jana Cahlíková, Julie Chytilová, Gérard Roland, and Tomáš Želinský. July 2021. “Shifting Punishment on Minorities: Experimental Evidence of Scapegoating” (Abstract) (Full Text)

696. Adunts, Davit. July 2021. “Paternal Circular Migration and Development of Socio-Emotional Skills of Children Left Behind” (Abstract) (Full Text)

695. Kurylo, Bohdana. July 2021. “The Impact of Same-Race Teachers on Student Behavioral Outcomes” (Abstract) (Full Text)

694. Hrehová, Kristína, Erika Sandow, and Urban Lindgren. July 2021. “Firm Relocations, Commuting and Relationship Stability” (Abstract) (Full Text)

693. Kocourek, Pavel. July 2021. “Revealing Private Information in a Patent Race” (Abstract) (Full Text)

692. Chen, Ying and Jan Zápal. May 2021. “Sequential Vote Buying” (Abstract) (Full Text)

691. Mamonov, Mikhail and Anna Pestova. April 2021. “Credit Supply Shocks and Household Defaults” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

690. Grossmann, Jakub. March 2021. “Sick Pay and Absence from Work: Evidence from Flu Exposure” (Abstract) (Full Text)

689. Korlyakova, Darya. March 2021. “Learning about Ethnic Discrimination from Different Information Sources” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

688. Bělín, Matěj. March 2021. “Does Robots´Reach Exceed Their Grasp? Differential Impacts of Robot Adoption and Spillover Effects on Workers in the Czech Republic” (Abstract) (Full Text)

687. Babiak, Mykola and Jozef Baruník. March 2021. “Uncertainty Network Risk and Currency Returns” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

686. Drlje, Marin and Štěpán Jurajda. February 2021. “LATE Estimators under Costly Non-compliance in Student-College Matching Markets” (Abstract) (Full Text)

685. Jurajda, Štěpán and Pavla Doleželová. February 2021. “Czech Kurzarbeit: Evidence from the First Pandemic Wave” (Abstract) (Full Text)

684. Ashenfelter, Orley and Štěpán Jurajda. February 2021. “Wages, Minimum Wages and Price Pass-Through: The Case of McDonald´s Restaurants” (Abstract) (Full Text)

683. Grossmann Jakub, Štěpán Jurajda and Felix Roesel. February 2021. “Forced Migration, Staying Minorities, and New Societies: Evidence from Post-war Czechoslovakia” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

682. Babiak, Mykola and Roman Kozhan. January 2021. “Growth Uncertainty,Rational Learning, and Option Prices” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

681. Tolstova, Vera. January 2021. “Voting on Education and Redistribution Policies in the U.S: Does Endogenous Fertility Matter?” (Abstract) (Full Text)

680. Tolstova, Vera. January 2021. “Marital Sorting and Cross-Country Differences in Intergenerational Earnings Persistence” (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

679. Grossmann, Jakub. January 2021. “The Effects of Minimum Wage Increases in the Czech Republic.” (Abstract) (Full Text)


678. Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara and Dominika Spolcova. December 2020. “Family Size and Subjective Well-being in Europe: Do More Children Make Us (Un)Happy?” (Abstract) (Full Text)

677. Babiak, Mykola and Jozef Baruník. December 2020. “Deep Learning, Predictability, and Optimal Portfolio Returns” (Abstract) (Full Text

676. Ćorić, Bruno and Blanka Perić Škrabić. November 2020. “Recovery from Economic Disasters” (Abstract) (Full Text)

675. Gillman, Max. October 2020. “Income Tax Evasion: Tax Elasticity, Welfare, and Revenue” (Abstract) (Full Text)

674. Kina, Özlem, Ctirad Slavík, and Hakki Yazici. October 2020. “Redistributive Capital Taxation Revisited”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

673. Jeong, Byeongju. September 2020. “Talent Rewards, Talent Uncertainty, and Career Tracks”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

672. Bianchi, Daniele and Mykola Babiak. September 2020. “On the Performance of Cryptocurrency Funds”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

671. Žigić, Krešimir, Jiří Střelický, and Michael Kúnin. September 2020. “Private and Public IPR Protection in a Vertically Differentiated Software Duopoly”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

670. Mikhalishchev, Sergei. September 2020. “Optimal Menu when Agents Make Mistakes”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

669. Bakota, Ivo. September 2020. “Avoiding Root-Finding in the Krusell-Smith Algorithm Simulation”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

668. Bakota, Ivo. September 2020. “Capital Income Taxation with Portfolio Choice”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

667. Bakota, Ivo. September 2020. “Firm Leverage and Wealth Inequality”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

666. Barili, Emilia, Paola Bertoli, and Veronica Grembi. September 2020. “Neighborhoods, Networks, and Delivery Methods”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

665. Amin, Abu, Blake Bowler, Mostafa Monzur Hasan, Gerald L. Lobo, and Jiří Trešl. September 2020. “Firm Life Cycle and Cost of Debt”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

664. Barili, Emilia, Paola Bertoli, and Veronica Grembi. August 2020. “Fee Equalization and Appropriate Health Care”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

663. Brushko, Iuliia, Stephen P. Ferris, Jan Hanousek, and Jiří Trešl. August 2020. “Intra-Industry Transfer of Information Inferred From Trading Volume”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

662. Lichard, Tomáš, Filip Pertold, and Samuel Škoda. August 2020. “Do Women Face a Glass Ceiling at Home? The Division of Household Labor among Dual-Earner Couples”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

661. Flanery, Mark J., Jan Hanousek, Anastasiya Shamshur, and Jiří Trešl. July 2020. “M&A Activity and the Capital Structure of Target Firms”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

660. Bukovina, Jaroslav, Tomáš Lichard, Ján Palguta, and Branislav Žúdel. July 2020. “Tax Reforms and Inter-temporal Shifting of Corporate Income: Evidence from Tax Records in Slovakia”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Updated Version, June 2022

659. Ferris, Stephen P., Jan Hanousek, and Jiří Trešl. June 2020. “Corporate Profitability and the Global Persistence of Corruption”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

658. Drlje, Marin. May 2020. “Identification of School Admission Effects Using Propensity Scores Based on a Matching Market Structure”  (Abstract) (Full Text)  

657. Arkhangelsky, Dmitry and Vasily Korovkin. May 2020. “On Policy Evaluation with Aggregate Time-Series Shocks”  (Abstract) (Full Text

656. Van Koten, Silvester. May 2020. “The Forward Premium in Electricity Markets: An Experimental Study”  (Abstract) (Full Text

655. Bertoli, Paola, Veronica Grembi, and Judit Vall-Castello. February 2020. “The Ramadan Effect in the Workplace”  (Abstract) (Full Text

654. Miklánek, Tomáš and Miroslav Zajíček. January 2020. “Personal Traits and Trading in an Experimental Asset Market”  (Abstract) (Full Text

653. Bauer, Michal, Julie Chytilová, and Edward Miguel. January 2020. “Using Survey Questions to Measure Preferences: Lessons from an Experimental Validation in Kenya”  (Abstract) (Full Text

652. Svitáková, Klára and Michal Šoltés. January 2020. “Sorting of Candidates: Evidence from 20,000 Electoral Ballots”  (Abstract) (Full Text


651. Anatolyev, Stanislav, Sergei Seleznev, and Veronika Selezneva. December 2019. “Does Index Arbitrage Distort the Market Reaction to Shocks?”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials)

650. Benk, Szilard and Max Gillman. December 2019. “Granger Predictability of Oil Prices after the Great Recession”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

649. Czura, Kristina, Andreas Menzel, and Martina Miotto. December 2019. “Menstrual Health, Worker Productivity and Well-being among Female Bangladeshi Garment Workers”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

648. Gillman, Max. December 2019. “A Human Capital Theory of Structural Transformation”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

647. Laxton, Dali T. December 2019. “Innovations in the Wind Energy Sector”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

646. Jurajda, Štěpán and Tomáš Jelínek. December 2019. “Surviving Auschwitz with Pre-Existing Social Ties”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

645. Matveenko, Andrei and Sergei Mikhalishchev. November 2019. “Attentional Role of Quota Implementation”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

644. Kudashvili, Nikoloz and Philipp Lergetporer. October 2019. “Do Minorities Misrepresent Their Ethnicity to Avoid Discrimination?”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Additional Materials

643. Abramishvili, Zurab, William Appleman, and Sergii Maksymovych. August 2019. “Parental Gender Preference in the Balkans and Scandinavia: Gender Bias or Differential Costs?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

642. Luna Alpizar, Jose Luis. May 2019. “Worker Heterogeneity and the Asymmetric Effects of Minimum Wages”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

641. Adunts, Davit and Geghetsik Afunts. April 2019. “Seasonal Migration and Education of Children Left Behind: Evidence from Armenia”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

640. Babiak, Mykola and Roman Kozhan. April 2019. “Parameter Learning in Production Economies”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

639. Vuletić Čugalj, Danijela. April 2019. “Gender-Based Favoritism in Blood Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

638. Hrendash, TarasApril 2019. “Prioritized Examination and its Impact on Commercialization of Patents”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

637. Travova, EkaterinaApril 2019. “Under Pressure? Performance Evaluation of Police Officers as an Incentive to Cheat: Evidence from Drug Crimes in Russia”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

636. Kostrov, Alexander and Mikhail MamonovMarch 2019. “The Formation of Hidden Negative Capital in Banking: A Product Mismatch Hypothesis”  (Abstract) (Full Text)


635. Van Koten, SilvesterDecember 2018. “Self-regulation and Meta-regulation – Regulating the Members or the SRO. A Theoretical and Experimental Study”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

634. Agarwal, Ruchir and Patrick GauléDecember 2018. “Invisible Geniuses: Could the Knowledge Frontier Advance Faster?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

633. Bertoli, Paola and Veronica GrembiDecember 2018. “The Political Cycle of Road Traffic Accidents”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Updated Version, July 2019

632. Bauer, Michal, Jana Cahlíková, Dagmara Celik Katreniak, Julie Chytilová, Lubomír Cingl, and Tomáš ŽelinskýNovember 2018. “Anti-social Behavior in Groups”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

631. Katuščák, Peter and Tomáš MiklánekNovember 2018. “What Drives Conditional Cooperation in Public Goods Games?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

630. Palguta, Ján and Filip PertoldNovember 2018. “Do Higher Wages Produce Career Politicians? Evidence from Two Discontinuity Designs”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

629. Sargsyan, VahanNovember 2018. “Social Integration of Immigrants and the Attitude of the Native Population in European Countries”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

628. Jibuti, DavitiOctober 2018. “Discrimination against Workers with Visible Tattoos: Experimental Evidence from Germany”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

627. Kudebayeva, AlmaOctober 2018. “Chronic Poverty in Kazakhstan”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

626. Grigoryan, Aleksandr and Knar KhachatryanOctober 2018. “Remittances and Emigration Intentions: Evidence from Armenia”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

625. Antinyan, Armenak, Vardan Baghdasaryan, and Aleksandr GrigoryanSeptember 2018. “Social Preferences, Public Good Provision, Social Capital and Positional Concerns: Empirical Evidence from the South Caucasus”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

624. Bělín, MatějSeptember 2018. “Time-invariant Regressors under Fixed Effects: Identification via a Proxy Variable”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

623. Bartoš, Vojtěch, Michal Bauer, Julie Chytilová and Ian LevelyAugust 2018. “Effects of Poverty on Impatience: Preferences or Inattention?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

622. Bičáková, Alena, Guido Matias Cortes and Jacopo MazzaJuly 2018. “Caught in the Cycle: Economic Conditions at Enrollment and Labor Market Outcomes of College Graduates”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

621. Jehiel, Philippe and Jakub SteinerJuly 2018. “Selective Sampling with Information-Storage Constraints”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

620. Sutóris, Ivan. June 2018. “Asset Prices in a Production Economy with Long Run and Idiosyncratic Risk”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

619. Anatolyev, Stanislav, Sergei Seleznev and Veronika Selezneva. June 2018. “Formation of Market Beliefs in the Oil Market”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

618. Novák, Vladimír and Tim Willems. June 2018. “A Note on Optimal Experimentation under Risk Aversion”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

617. Katuščák, Peter and Tomáš Miklánek. April 2018. “Do Fixed-Prize Lotteries Crowd Out Public Good Contributions Driven by Social Preferences?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

616. Borga, Liyousew G. and Myroslav Pidkuyko. March 2018. “Whoever Has Will Be Given More: Child Endowment and Human Capital Investment”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

615. Hradil, Vít. March 2018. “Does Minimum Wage Affect Workplace Safety?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

614. Matysková, Ludmila. March 2018. “Bayesian Persuasion with Costly Information Acquisition”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

613. Tolstova, Vera. March 2018. “On the Optimal Progressivity of Higher Education Subsidies: the Role of Endogenous Fertility”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

612. Kudashvili, Nikoloz. February 2018. “Sources of Statistical Discrimination: Experimental Evidence from Georgia”  (Abstract) (Full Text)


611. Bertoli, Paola, Veronica Grembi, and Judit Vall Castello. December 2017. “Not All Silver Lining? The Great Recession and Road Traffic Accidents”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

610. Janhuba, Radek and Kristýna Čechová. December 2017. “Criminals on the Field: A Study of College Football”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

609. Slavík, Ctirad and Hakki Yazici. December 2017. “Wage Risk and the Skill Premium”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

608. Todua, Gega. December 2017. “Financing Education Abroad: A Developing Country Perspective”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

607. Menzel, Andreas. November 2017. “Knowledge Exchange and Productivity Spill-overs in Bangladeshi Garment Factories”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

606. Babiak, Mykola. October 2017. “Generalized Disappointment Aversion, Learning, and Asset Prices”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

605. Forand, Jean Guillaume and Jan Zápal. September 2017. “The Demand and Supply of Favours in Dynamic Relationships”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

604. Maksymovych, Sergii. August 2017. “Decision-Making in the Household and Material Deprivation”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

603. Bertoli, Paola and Veronica GrembiAugust 2017. “Exploring the Nexus between Certainty in Injury Compensation and Treatment Selection”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

602. Klinger, Tomáš and Petr TeplýAugust 2017. “Agent-Based Risk Assessment Model of the European Banking Network”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

601. Hanousek, Jan, Evžen Kočenda, and Pavla VozárováAugust 2017. “Productivity and Trade Spillovers: Horizontal Crowding-Out Versus Vertical Synergies in Europe as a Response to Foreign Direct Investment”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

600. Bertoli, Paola and Veronica Grembi . August 2017. “Medical Malpractice: How Legal Liability Affects Medical Decisions”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

599. Mattozzi, Andrea and Fabio Michelucci. August 2017. “Electoral Contests with Dynamic Campaign Contributions”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

598. Ferris, Stephen P., Jan, Hanousek, Anastasiya Shamshur, and Jiří Trešl . July 2017. “Asymmetries in the Firm’s Use of Debt to Changing Market Values”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

597. Hanousek, Jan, Anastasiya Shamshur, and Jiří Trešl . July 2017. “To Bribe or not to Bribe? Corruption Uncertainty and Corporate Practices”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

596. Valei, Azamat. June 2017. “Informative Advertising in a Monopoly with Network Externalities”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

595. Hanousek, Jan, Anastasiya Shamshur, and Jiří Trešl . June 2017. “Firm Efficiency, Foreign Ownership and CEO Gender in Corrupt Environments”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

594. Gaulé, Patric and Mario Piacentini. June 2017. “An Advisor Like Me? Advisor Gender and Post-graduate Careers in Science”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

593. Matveenko, Andrei. June 2017. “Logit, CES, and Rational Inattention”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

592. Bertoli, Paola and Veronica Grembi. June 2017. “The Political Economy of Diagnosis-Related Groups”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

591. Korbel, Václav and Michal Paulus. June 2017. “Do Teaching Practices Impact Socio-Emotional Skills?”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

590. Kuntsevych, Iuliia. June 2017. “Remittances in Ukraine Using Household Data”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

589. Cahlíková, Jana, Lubomír Cingl, and Ian Levely. May 2017. “How Stress Affects Performance and Competitiveness across Gender”  (Abstract) (Full Text) (Supplementary material)

588. Valei, Azamat. April 2017. “Advertising Response to New Entry”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

587. Nunnari, Salvatore and Jan Zápal. April 2017. “A Model of Focusing in Political Choice”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

586. Matysková, Ludmila and Jan Šípek. April 2017. “Manipulation of Cursed Beliefs in Online Reviews”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

585. Sargsyan, Vahan. April 2017. “Treatment-Related Naturalization Premiums in Two European Countries: Evaluation and Comparison”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

584. Vovchak, Tamara. March 2017. “Bank Credit, Liquidity Shocks and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

583. Kuntsevych, Iuliia. March 2017. “Remittances, Spending and Political Instability in Ukraine”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

582. Miklánek, Tomáš. March 2017. “Ego-utility and Endogenous Information Acquisition; An Experimental Study”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

581. Miklánek, Tomáš. March 2017. “The Effect of Shame in Dictator Games with Information Asymmetry”  (Abstract) (Full Text)


580. Vardanyan, Suren. December 2016. “Contagion in Experimental Financial Markets”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

579. Janhuba, Radek. December 2016. “Do Victories and Losses Matter? Effects of Football on Life Satisfaction”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

578. Antczak, Elżbieta, Ewa Gałecka-Burdziak, Robert Pater . November 2016. “Spatial Labour Market Matching”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

577. Alimukhamedova, Nargiza, Randall K. Filer, and Jan Hanousek. November 2016. “The Importance of Geographic Access for the Impact of Microfinance”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

576. Jerbashian, Vahagn. November 2016. “Automation and Job Polarization: On the Decline of Middling Occupations in Europe”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

575. Antczak, Elżbieta, Ewa Gałecka-Burdziak, Robert Pater . November 2016. “Efficiency in Spatially Disaggregated Labour Market Matching”  (Abstract) (Full Text)

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