PhD Research Stays

One of CERGE-EI’s unique features of its PhD in Economics program is that our students are very successful in applying for mobility (research stays) at prestigious universities in the United States and Western Europe and in conducting part of their dissertation research there. CERGE-EI provides partial funding of student mobilities on a competitive basis. Students may also apply for funding from other sources (Charles University Mobility Fund, GEOCEP, etc.).

PhD students who go on mobility benefit not only from the advice and knowledge they receive from faculty members of host universities, but also from the general experience of living and studying at a different university. Read more about our students' experiences on our blog.

theodor kouro modified

It is always nice to receive feedback and constructive criticism by other researchers in my field, especially in one of the best economics departments in the world. I had a couple of presentations at conferences, workshops, brown-bag seminars, lab talks and multiple bilateral meetings with great experimentalists, which helped me understand and frame my research better. I am currently collaborating on my project on aspirations with a professor from Booth Schools of Business, and this was one of the goals of my visit at the University of Chicago.

Theodor Kouro, CERGE-EI PhD student,
research stay at University of Chicago, 
Kenneth Griffin Department of Economics in 2023

ella sargsyan modified1"My research stays at Columbia University and MIT Sloan School of Management in the US deepened my understanding of the field while expanding my intellectual horizons. I gained a chance to consult with a diverse network of world-renowned scholars and present my research. These experiences highlighted areas for improvement while reinforcing my conviction that academia is my place." 

Ella Sargsyan, CERGE-EI PhD student,
research stay at Columbia University in 2022
and MIT Sloan School of Management in 2023

rasto modified

“I can think of three main benefits of being at Princeton University. First,
I could get specialized feedback on my projects. Second, being present
at internal seminars and discussions made it easier to grasp what people
at Princeton were currently thinking about and where my field was going.
Third, I could find new contacts and initiate potential collaborations.”

Rastislav Rehák, CERGE-EI PhD student,
research stay at Princeton University in 2022

maxim modified1
“My research stay at the University of Oxford’s Department of Economics was amazing. They have a strong team of theorists and I spent a lot of time meeting with faculty and getting a lot of valuable knowledge and useful feedback on my papers.”

Maxim Senkov, CERGE-EI PhD student,
research stay at University of Oxford in 2022

marta modified“My research stays abroad have helped both my studies and personal growth. I had amazing support from my advisor and could utilize the mobility opportunity to the fullest. I stayed at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and twice in the U.S., at the University of Minnesota and New York University. While learning to adapt to new environments, I worked on and presented my papers during my stays and created beautiful friendships and co-authorships.”

Marta Cota, CERGE-EI PhD student,
research stay at Copenhagen Business School  in 2021, 
University of Minnesota in 2022 and New York University in 2023

Here is a selected list of institutions where CERGE-EI students have done their mobility in the past few years:

Northern American Universities: Boston University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and others

European Universities: Cambridge University, Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) - Vienna, Copenhagen Business School, Pantheon-Sorbonne, Tinbergen Institute - Amsterdam, Università Luigi Bocconi - Milan, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University College London, University of Essex, University of Oxford, University of Paris I, University of Tilburg - Center for Economic Research, University of Zurich and others