EI Board

The Board of the Economics Institute is elected by the Assembly of Researchers as the fundamental body for EI academics and researchers. Its members serve five year terms. The main duties of the Board of the Economics Institute are to maintain the purpose for which the workplace was established, enforce the interests of the public, and monitor its due and proper management; to set the directions of the activities of the workplace in accordance with the concept of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the founding charter, and decide on the concept of the development of the workplace; to discuss the drafts of research targets, the drafts of research proposals and the development of the workplace; to approve the budget of the workplace, changes in the budget, and the mid-term outlook of the workplace's financing; to approve the annual report of the workplace; to discuss proposals for colaboration with domestic and foreign institutions, to announce the selection of a new Director, and based on the result, suggest the appointment of the chosen candidate for the post of the Director of the workplace, suggest the removal of the Director, or give consent for the Director's removal to the President of the CAS. The current members of the EI Board are as follows:

Alena Bičáková, Ph.D.
Internal member

Prof. Ing. Štěpán Jurajda, Ph.D. (Chair)
Internal member

Prof. Jakub Kastl, Ph.D.
Department of Economics, Princeton University

Doc. Marek Kapička, Ph.D.
Internal member

Doc. Ing. Michal Kejak, M.A., CSc. (Vice Chair)
Internal member

Doc. Ing. Daniel Münich, Ph.D.
Internal member

Prof. Avner Shaked, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Economic Theory, University of Bonn

Doc. Sergey Slobodyan, Ph.D.
Internal member

Mgr. Jiří Střelický M.A., Ph.D.
ČSOB Pojišťovna