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Prof. Avner Shaked, Ph.D.

Prof. Avner Shaked, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor

University of Bonn

Office: 113, ext. 162

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Avner Shaked is a Visiting Professor at CERGE-EI since 1998. Since May 2000 member of the Executive and Supervisory Committee of CERGE-EI. State Street Distinguished Visiting Professor at CERGE-EI since Fall 2001 to Spring 2009. Earned a B.Sc. from Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Mathematics and Physics in 1964. Holds a M.Sc. (1965) from Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Mathematical Logic. In 1972 earned his Ph.D. degree in Economics from Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Since 1989 Professor of Economic Theory, Bonn University, Germany. Since February 2009 a Professor emeritus in Bonn (retired). 1982–1993 member of the Editorial Board of the Review of Economic Studies; 1982–1987 Secretary Organizer of the Workshop in Theoretical Economics, STICERD, London School of Economics; 1983–1989 London Coordinator of the European Doctoral Program; 1988–1991 Associate Editor of The Quarterly Journal of Economics; 1993–1995 Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory; since 1992 a Fellow of Econometric Society.

Research orientation:

Bounded rationality, learning theory, evolutionary theory, experimental game theory, theoretical industrial organization, bargaining theory.

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