Academic Writing 1: This spring course is the first step into PhD writing in Economics. It provides input and practice so students can develop their analytical reading and writing skills, at the post-graduate level. The final task is an analytical summary of an extended economic text chosen by each student to reflect his/her personal interests in the field.

Academic Writing 2: This fall course focuses on formal expression of new or innovative ideas in the field, contextualized in the current literature, as students develop an individual paper on a topic of their interest. The skills needed to complete this task support development of a research proposal in future.

Combined Skills 1:  CS1 in the spring semester combines development of spoken presentation skills with production of a written persuasive text.  This could be a research proposal, dissertation proposal, etc.  Students choose the exact task they wish to do; it should be something meaningful/relevant to their  interests in the field.  This course aims to provide practice in the skills needed to succeed in the DPW/DP process.

Combined Skills 2: CS2 supports third year students in the process of dissertation proposal workshops in the fall semester. It focuses on both the written and oral presentation of research proposals, and provides a range of opportunities for students to have feedback from peers and ASC instructors on their work.

Combined Skills 2 MA: This summer course supports students in the process of developing a successful, extended MA level paper.

TCE Technical Communication for Economists:  This 3-semester course for MA in Applied Economics students supports the development of in-field professional texts and presentations. It also provides substantial practice in professional skills including management, teamwork, organizing and developing projects, and presenting a professional image.

Teaching Fellows Teaching Principles and Practices for Economics Course:  The ASC provides a pedagogical training course for our new Teaching Fellows every August.  The course covers a range of considerations in teaching effectively in the field of Economics, and provides a balance of inputs and hands-on practice.  The Teaching Fellows Pedagogical Mentor acts as an ongoing resource for Fellows throughout their Fellowships.