Undergraduate Study Abroad

CERGE-EI hosts visiting undergraduate students for one semester (or one academic year) on the UPCES and IEF study abroad programs. CERGE-EI’s study abroad programs are designed to provide students with dedicated instruction in English, international immersion, excellent program support, and opportunities for both professional and personal development.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies in Prague

Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies (UPCES)

UPCES represents a cooperation between CERGE-EI and the Charles University Faculty of Humanities. The UPCES curriculum infuses Central European topics into a wide variety of liberal arts courses, taught by a faculty of distinguished scholars and professionals. UPCES classes are small, interactive and include a mixture of European and American students. UPCES participants also explore the cultures of Central Europe on program-organized trips, weekly excursions, and immersion activities.

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International Economics and Finance Program in Prague

International Economics and Finance Studies (IEF)

The IEF studies under UPCES offers students the opportunity to choose from an extended course list at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of Charles University, exploring topics in modern economics and finance, incorporated with issues related to policy, management, accounting, and strategy. Course titles include International Finance, Strategic Management, Public Policy, and the Economics of Global Business. 

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