5951We currently offer following programs:

- MA in Economic Research (2-year program)
- PhD in Economics

We also accept visiting students of economics and related fields every year.
The language of instruction at CERGE-EI is English.

Why study at CERGE-EI?

005International Recognition

Excellent Professionals

CERGE-EI faculty hold PhD degrees from prestigious institutions including Princeton University, University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, the London School of Economics and others. They are involved in advisory bodies of public institutions and influencing public policymaking and have established a remarkable record of publications in top international academic and policy-oriented journals, such as AER, or Nature, unparalleled in the region.

Czech and US diplomas

CERGE-EI has been granted an absolute (permanent) charter, which means that our PhD students receive a US MA degree after the first two years, and at the end of their PhD journey, they receive a US PhD degree, as well as a Czech degree from Charles University.

Individual Approach and Diverse Community

Every year, only 1 MA class and 1 PhD class of about 30 students opens, small class size enables an individual approach. The environment is international. CERGE-EI students  come from over 30 countries and diverse academic backgrounds including economics, mathematics, physics, finance, business, engineering and information technology.

Outstanding Career Opportunities

CERGE-EI graduates pursue academic careers in prestigious university departments around the world, such as Max Planck Institute, Tilburg University or New York University, hold high-level positions in international organizations, including the World Bank, IMF, government ministries, central banks, think tanks, and private sector organizations. Many find jobs in international business sectors, including major banks and consulting firms such as Moody’s Analytics, EY, or Erste Group.


CERGE-EI is located in the historical, beautiful Schebek Palace that was renovated to accommodate all needs of modern higher education. It is also home to the Kmenta CERGE-EI Library, which is considered to be the best library of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. A brand-new Digital Media Centre with an 80-seat lecture theater and recording studio is equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

Location in the Heart of Europe

The CERGE-EI building is located in the center of Prague, a beautiful and affordable European city with a great social and cultural life. Prague has been repeatedly proclaimed to be one of the safest cities in the world, and according to Global Peace Index (GPI), the Czech Republic ranks 7th on the list of safe and peaceful countries worldwide and 5th among European countries.