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Become a Local Alumni Group Contact Person

Would you like to get in touch with your fellows, network, and build up your local alumni community?

Encouraging alumni networking, we are coming up with an idea for Local Alumni Groups. The idea is pretty simple – build a network of alumni in the country of their current residence, profit from life-long CERGE-EI experience, meet together (for a beer, or professionally), and welcome new alumni coming to the country.

To build up such a network, we are looking for a local volunteer – Alumni Group Contact Person.

Alumni Group Contact Person:

  • is a contact person for alumni in the country
  • in cooperation with other alumni in the group organizes group activities
  • welcomes and introduces new alumni to the local group

How it would work:

  • we will help you to build up your local group by sending emails to alumni in order to get in contact with you
  • to help you to network, we will create your local Alumni LinkedIn (or other social media) Group in order to enable the other alumni to contact you
  • and the best: we can support financially your local alumni activities

The level of involvement would surely vary (either occasional glass of wine or coffee, sightseeing tour or other social events, going to the museum, or even starting research cooperation). But the purpose would be the same: make these groups useful for your everyday life and career.

The local groups have been already established for alumni in:








Get in touch with us for more information.

Give us Your News

No matter how far from CERGE-EI you are, your past days at CERGE-EI and your present career continue to influence new generations of students. As alumni, you are part of the legacy that CERGE-EI represents, and keep motivating new applicants and students from many countries and diverse backgrounds.

The most important part of the alumni program comes from you. We need to hear from you: what you have been up to since leaving CERGE-EI, information about your current job, and any ideas about services that you would like us to offer within the program.

Get in touch with us or pay us a visit. We can help you arrange meetings with fellow alumni, faculty or staff members you wish to see, and give you details on upcoming events that you may find interesting. There is no better way to see the changes than by connecting with the current students and faculty members. Come for a coffee break, seminar, or a brown-bag. We will be happy to show you around.

Take Part or Volunteer

There is a number of projects and events that we cordially welcome you to join. They include our academic events, (such as the Distinguished Speaker Series or other public lectures) and social events (such as the Graduation Gala or the Student Beer Party). You can give a talk, share your experience in a discussion or simply enjoy a social event. You can also help us make new connections with the institution that you are currently working for, assist our students in finding new opportunities in your field, or simply recommend the CERGE-EI study programs to potential applicants.

Ideas or Feedback

Your feedback matters! Share your ideas and suggestions with us. We strive to keep CERGE-EI a lively, competitive graduate school, showing how powerful a good education can be.