Searching the Catalog

OLIB Catalog

The OLIB Catalog is our principal resource for information about books, journals, grey literature and all other materials in the library. It is available at

How to search the catalog

Different search methods allow users to browse the catalog by document title and author's name or author's index, by publisher and series, and by keywords or subject headings. In order to locate the titles that you have found in the catalog, the following copy details should be noted:

  • shelf (the place where you can find the item within the library)
  • shelfmark (the code under which you will find the item on the shelves)
  • status (information about the current availability of the item)

Quick Search  (in the top right hand corner)

For overall Google-like quick searches. 

Title search

Type in the first few words of the title and click the "Search" button. Use the wildcard "%" for truncation or substitution of letters (for example, "%econometr%"). 

Keyword search

Combine the words of a Keyword search with the Boolean operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT" and wildcard “%” e.g., "Internet AND (histor% OR growth)". To match keywords on only the first letters, use the wildcard "%". It is possible to search either by English or Czech keywords or subjects.

Advanced search

For complex queries. You may use Boolean operators and limit search by selecting from options that are accessible on the search screens. Use the wildcard "%" for truncation or substitution of letters e.g., "class%" matches "class", "classification", "class work," etc.

Locating books and periodicals

If you are interested in the item you have found, click on the title and at the bottom of the next screen note the shelfmark, the shelf (location) and the status (if the item is available). Books are shelved in different sections (main collection located in the Lending Library), and they are arranged in DDC - alphabetical order. Periodicals are available in the Reading Room and Stock Room, arranged in alphabetical order. To reach items shelved in Stock Room, Basement Stock or Library Staff Office, please ask at the circulation desk.