Borrowing Policies

Borrowing Policies for Library Users from Charles University and Other Universities and for the General Public:

How long may I keep the items that I have checked out?

Most loans are for a 4 week period, but there may be some exceptions. Please see the “Account Details” information in the library catalog.

How many items may I check out?

Up to 5 items at any one time (this applies to items from the “long loan” category).

How do I renew the items I have checked out?

Go to “My Account – Account Details” in the library catalog, email the library (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); call the library (224 005 145), or come in person.

You can renew your items twice online, if there are no reservations for the items and no overdue fees due on the items.

Can I return materials by post or can my friend return them?

Yes, there is no need to return items in person. If you use post, please send the items “by certified mail.”

Will I be informed about the expiry date of my loans?

If you give us your email address, you will automatically be sent information on the expiry date of your loans.

What happens if I return an item late?

You will be fined. For details, please consult the library rules.

Can I pay a fine online?

No, you can pay only in cash at the circulation desk.

What happens if I lose or damage an item?

You will have to compensate the library for the lost or damaged item – by replacing the same title or a similar title, or paying the price of the item. Please always consult a librarian first.

What should I do if I returned an item, but it's still on my account?

You should report it to the library as soon as possible.

What information can I receive from “My Account – Account Details” in the library catalog?

In “Account Details” you can:

- see items you have checked out and when they are due;
- see a list of items you have placed on hold;
- renew materials;
- see your loan history;
- see your fines.

How do I log into “My Account – Account Details”?

Go to “My Account” in the library catalog, click on “Account Details,” and enter the barcode number/letters printed on your library card.