Library Catalog

Library Catalog Olib

The library catalog Olib with its web application Olib WebView is the main access point for the library's collections. The catalog includes records of all library materials: books, periodicals, working papers, e-books, dissertation theses, etc. It also includes links to e-books, e-journals and other online fulltext documents. It allows searching, browsing, reservations, prolongation, and monitoring of your loans.

Currently, the catalog includes:

  • all books, monographs, multi-volume books, statistical yearbooks (more than 30 000 titles, mostly in English).
  • more than 100 e-book titles.
  • approximately 250 e-journal titles.
  • the collection of gray literature (working papers, discussion papers, dissertation theses, etc.) This collection includes the papers of such institutions as NBER, CEPR, IMF, Czech National Bank, etc.).
  • the collection of World Bank books and materials (more than 2000 titles).
  • approximately 600 printed periodical titles.
  • approximately 150 CD-ROM titles.


Part of the library catalog - Syndetic Solutions - was purchased through the USAID Program 2009 - 2010.