In 2016 CERGE-EI celebrated 25 years since its founding. To mark this occasion, throughout the entire year CERGE-EI hosted a series of various cultural, educational and academic events.

Public Events Surrounding the Anniversary Season

9 May: Jan Švejnar "Does Wealth Inequality Matter for Growth? The Effect of Billionaire Wealth, Income Distribution, and Poverty." (Public Lecture)

10 May: Sharon T. Freeman: "Helping SMEs in the Region Grow in the Western Market" (Public debate)

24 May: My Enchanting Chateau: documentary film on the history of the Schebek family, the builders and first owners of the Schebek Palace, now home to CERGE-EI (in Czech with English subtitles)

25 May: Nader Habibi: the Overeducation Crisis in the Middle East: Why are so many university graduates unemployed? (Public lecture)

26 May: Aswath Damoradan: Corporate Finance and Valuation (Public lecture)

26 – 27 May: 3rd Conference on Rational Inattention and Related Topics

27 May: 25th Anniversary Gala (See the two sets of pictures: Gala and Photowall)

28 May: CERGE-EI Alumni Event (By invitation only)

7 June: 2016 OECD Survey on the Czech Republic (Public Seminar)

7 June: Ludger Woessmann: The Knowledge Capital of Nations (Public lecture)

8 June: Ewald Nowotny, Governor of the Austrian National Bank, “Boosting EU Competitiveness: What Can CEE Countries Do?” (Public lecture)

CERGE-EI Alumni Award

We searched among our past graduates to determine a 2016 CERGE-EI Alumni Hero(ine) that has made a significant contribution to their community in the year and half before the Anniversary.

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CERGE-EI Anniversary Photo Gallery

We searched our photo archives and collected hundreds of items. You’re invited to take a tour of our history by visiting our thematic folders:

Exploring the Schebek Palace, CERGE-EI's building. (To rent the Schebek Palace for your event, please visit the official site

First Years of Existence

Nobel Laureates at CERGE-EI

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CERGE-EI Anniversary Video

A 144-second video commemorating a quarter century of CERGE-EI´s existence.


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Article: An Outline of CERGE-EI´s Quarter-Century-Long History