CU Discovery Service

UKAŽ is the Charles University discovery service for searching CU collections - articles, e-journals, e-books and CU libraries physical inventory (books, journals, CD-ROMs etc.). Simultaneously it directs you to documents searched, whether they are available anywhere.

Access to UKAŽ

  • anyone can get a list of results by using UKAŽ without logging in
  • access to full-text content is restricted to CU members
  • you can log in using CAS username and password at the top of the home screen by clicking on the "Hello, Guest. Login for full access / You are not in UK network, please login"

When can I use UKAŽ

  • you need articles on a topic, and there isn't a special database for your subject area or field, or you don't know if there is
  • you want to do an interdisciplinary search for your topic
  • you just need a few books and articles on a topic and you want to search quickly in one place
  • you are looking for a specific book or article you already know about
  • you're a database beginner

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