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The study program Master in Applied Economics is temporarily suspended to allow for planned administrative changes. Check out our current study offer.

Become inspired by our graduates!

The MA in Applied Economics program opens doors for its graduates. 100% of MAE students are employed within 6 months of graduation. Check out our alumni placement.

Our alumni based in the Czech Republic are eager lot who participate in career workshops, informal get-togethers, and are open to giving career advice to younger students. We also keep our alumni informed about interesting open positions through a private Facebook page. Read the inspiring stories of our graduates to help you decide about your career. 

micko modified"There is no doubt that high academic standards, combined with real-life projects, challenge me perfectly for future public service."

Tomáš Mičko, Graduate 2021, Council for Budget Responsibility, Slovakia


Martin Pecha"The MAE program by itself is very unique in combining economics, data science, and personal development. I have always wanted to combine a technical and economic background to become a person with something like street skills in everything, which I think is appreciated nowadays.”

Martin Pecha, Graduate  2020, Cogvio, Prague


Ivana Draženovic modified“I think that the program is really good and most of the professors were excellent with great teaching skills. Also, the organization of the program was great.”

Ivana Draženović, Graduate 2019, Croatian National Bank, Croatia


Makovský Lukáš modified“The MAE program offers individual consultations with professional coaches and advisors for further study and career steps to their students. It can absolutely change the view of what one wants out of his or her professional life.”

Lukáš Makovký, Graduate 2018, Real Estate Advisory / Deloitte, Prague

Robert Johnson modified“This program stands out thanks to its unique combination of practical hard skills, useful soft skills, and tailored personal development. I have benefited immensely from the program, as I have learned not to take information at their face value, to present my work in front of a large crowd, and to handle myself whenever stressful situations might arise. I can highly recommend CERGE-EI to anyone, who does not want to be another brick in the wall.”

Robert Johnson, Graduate  2017, Albert Česká Republka, Prague

Thuy Linh Do modified“The MAE program was the most challenging year of my life, but also the most rewarding experience I've ever had.”

Linda Do, Graduate 2016, wabi sabi, Prague

petar photo modified“The MA in Applied Economics program helped me in two distinct ways. The program content enables me to understand and analyze data and its impact on business. And the hard work and challenges presented by the MAE course prepared me for the extra effort required to succeed in today's business environment.”

Petar Buha, Graduate 2015, U+ Venture Building, Prague

sykora jiri modified"I decided to attend the MA in Applied Economics program due to my strong interests in economics and CERGE-EI, as a leading economic institution in the region, was an obvious choice. It proved to be a tremendous learning opportunity that ultimately helped me to secure a position in one of the most competitive industries."

Jiří Sýkora, Graduate 2014, PPF Real Estate, Prague

pribram andrew modified“The MA in Applied Economics program provided the foundations it promised. I got the core skills I needed to land a job in big data analytics - one of the most in-demand jobs around.”

Andrew Pribram, Graduate 2013,  Avast Software, Prague