Past Scholars

Impact for Society Fellowship

Masood Sadat, DDC Fellow 2016Masood Sadat, Afghanistan, ISF 2016-2017

Masood was a Research Officer in the Asia Foundation in Afghanistan where he was active in improving data-analysis education in his community. Using his analytical experiences in a number of research positions, Masood was able to train over 100 Afghan researchers, analysts and professionals in both government and private institutions to work with data, a skill still widely undeveloped in Afghanistan. Masood wrote a data analysis textbook in Dari language, which is freely available both in print and electronically to Afghans, the first and only manual of it’s kind in the Dari language.

Other ISF Scholars

Public Service Fellowship

Ivana DrazenovicIvana Draženović, Croatia, PSF 2018-2019

Ivana is working as a Labor Market Analyst for the Croatian National Bank. She is a great example of a young professional who had been working for a few years when she realized that she wanted to develop new skills and move forward in her career. 

“Before applying to CERGE-EI, I had been working as a labor market analyst for the Central Bank for 4.5 years. The fact that I was already experienced enough to do my daily job without difficulties was positive and negative at the same time. I felt that if I wanted to progress more and explore further, I need a better quantitative background from the one I had,” said Ivana. Read her interview in our blog.

Other PSF Scholars

Merit-Based Scholarship

0 Neummanova PavlaPavla Neumannová, Czech Republic, Scholar 2019-2020

"I consider applying for the MAE program at CERGE-EI one of the best decisions of my life. Unlike my previous experience, we are not forced to memorize things; instead, we work on real projects with real data under supervision of internationally recognized professors. Friendly but highly professional environment makes CERGE-EI the best institution I've ever studied at. All this motivated me to do my best to receive the Merit Scholarship for Exceptional Students. It was a tough semester, however, the effort paid off not only because of the money received, but also because of the newly acquired skills."

Other Merit-Based Fellowship Scholars