Projects in Applied Economics for Talented Students 2018

The final presentations of the high school students who took part in this year’s “Projects in Applied Economics for Talented Students” took place at CERGE-EI on Monday, December 10. Five student groups presented their research projects, receiving feedback from CERGE-EI researchers, alumni, and guests.

This was the third season of the program, running from September to December 2018. Out of nearly 50 applicants, 27 high school students were selected from 15 different high schools in the Czech Republic. Within 12 weeks, they learned the basics of economics and research methods, pursued a supervised research project based on real data, and participated in a presentation skills workshop.  During their final presentations, an evaluation committee focused on presentations' research quality, clarity and originality, and gave students feedback and encouragement for further research.

We would like to thank all who took part in the program: participants, their CERGE-EI tutors and lecturers, and also their high school teachers, friends, and family members, who came to support them for the final presentations of their outstanding work.

PAE 2018 winners

1st place:
Title: Explanation of a Gender Gap in Municipal Elections
Research Group: Mirek Bui (Gymnázium Voděradská), Samuel Friedlaender (Gymnázium Jana Keplera), David Gerasimov (Deutsche Schule Prag), Barbora Hniličková (The English College in Prague), Thea Kratochvílová (Open Gate Boarding School), and Suren Škardová (Open Gate Boarding School)

2nd place:
Title: The Impacts of Health Determinants on Health Outcomes
Research Group: Linda Beková (The English College in Prague), Jáchym Hanák (Deutsche Schule Prag), Tomáš Jelínek (Arcibiskupské gymnázium), Tomáš Petrus (The English College in Prague), Alexandr Sušić (Open Gate Boarding School)

3rd place:
Title: Returns to Education
Research Group: Jakub Hampl (Mensa gymnázium), Daniel Kessler (Gymnázium Jaroslava Heyrovského), Viet Le Duc (The English College in Prague), Thu Nga The (Biskupské gymnázium J. N. Neumanna, České Budějovice)

PAE 2018 all

Our congratulations also go to:

Title: Electoral participation among various age groups
Research group: Václav Bašta, Michael Best, Sabina Hammacheová,  Jan-Jakub Jonáš, Linda Novobilská (The English College in Prague)

Title: Has Communism Eradicated the Entrepreneurial Spirit?
Research group: Alexander Fedorov (Open Gate Boarding School), Lenka Kottová (Gymnázium Na Vítězné pláni), Vojtěch Pume (The English College in Prague), Marek Růžička (Gymnázium Oty Pavla), Jan Vavřín (Gymnázium PORG Libeň)