CERGE-EI Succeeded in the Awards of the Czech Economic Society

3 January, 2023

The Czech Economic Society held its 12th Biennial Conference on November 25-26. The programme included the Czech Economic Society Awards, a panel discussion on fiscal policy, and a section for primary and secondary school teachers.

During the conference, the Czech Economic Society awards were presented. Jan Hanousek Jr. (University of South Florida and Mendel University in Brno) won the Young Economist of 2022 for his paper "Social Networks and Strategic Behavior”. The second place in the Young Economist competition went to Azizbek Tokhirov (CERGE-EI) for his paper "Female Labor Supply Consequences of Ethnic Riots: Theory and Evidence from Kyrgyzstan." Third place went to Ante Šterc (CERGE-EI) for his paper on "Limited Consideration in the Investment Fund Choice".

At this year's conference, the CSE Prize for Long-Term Contribution to the Development of Czech Economic Learning was awarded to Avner Shaked, who has been a Visiting Professor since 1998 and a member of the Executive and Supervisory Board of CERGE-EI, a joint centre of the Centre for Economic Research and Doctoral Studies at Charles University in Prague and at the Institute of National Economy of CAS since 2000. Professor Shaked is one of the most respected experts in the fields of game theory, industrial organisations, and microeconomics. He has been and continues to be significantly involved in PhD students’ education and research activities in Czech Republic. As of 2019, Prof. Shaked is a member of the Scientific Council of the Grant Agency of Czech Republic.

 thumbnail image2Hanousek diplom

Winner of the first prize Young Economist of 2022 Jan Hanousek Jr. (University of South Florida and Mendel University in Brno) 

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Azizbek Tokhirov (CERGE-EI) with President CSE Daniel Münich (CERGE-EI)

 317358029_578870310910207_1003651790512138348_n.jpgAnte diplom

President CSE Daniel Münich (CERGE-EI), Barbara Pertold-Gebicka (IES), Ante Šterc (CERGE-EI) and Vice-president CSE Daniel Němec (ESF MUNI)