CERGE-EI Media Highlights for March

7 April, 2021

The month of March was abundant with many articles in which our experts commented on topics that were again related to the pandemic: mainly the consequences of COVID-19 on the country's economic development.

In an interview with, Daniel Münich talked about the reasons why the Czech Republic was not able to fight COVID-19. According to Daniel, narrow-minded state administration, a dysfunctional prime minister and president, and ignorance of the scientific community are the main reasons why the Czech Republic is failing to combat the pandemic.

In the middle of the month, Jan Švejnar spoke about the new US President Joe Biden and his policies in the show Twenty Minutes of Radiožurnál.

Daniel Münich and Jan Švejnar took part in a panel discussion, Daniel this time as moderator, where guests discussed, among other things, investment needs and priorities for the Czech Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic, digitization, and climate change.

The first of three virtual conferences, The Future of Education in the Czech Republic, organized by the platform Moonshot by Aspen CE, at which Jan Švejnar spoke about the topic.

In the weekly magazine Respekt, an article entitled The Heroes of the Pandemic analyzed the serious implications of the pandemic for women who for the most part have to take care of children. The article mentioned the studies of Andreas Menzel and Martina Miotto.