Recent Job Placements of CERGE-EI PhD Candidates 2016

19 April, 2016

We are pleased to announce the key placements of our CERGE-EI PhD candidates over the past few months.

Starting next academic year Vojtěch Bartoš (Czech Republic, PhD candidate 2016) will take up an Assistant Professor in Economics post at the University of Munich, Dagmara Celik Katreniaková (Slovakia, PhD candidate 2016) will begin her term as an Assistant Professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and Maxim Goryunov (Russia, PhD candidate 2016) has secured a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence. Jana Cahlíková (Czech Republic, PhD candidate 2016) has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich since mid 2015, and Jakub Matějů (Czech Republic, PhD candidate 2016) has joined the European Central Bank as an Economist since February 2016.

Some of these placements were secured also thanks to the students’ participation in the largest job market event for economists at the American Economic Association’s Annual Conference, this year in San Francisco. Known globally as one of the toughest three days in job-hunting for fresh PhD in Economics graduates, we are delighted by their success at the conference. Preparation for this event is a valued part of our PhD program for our top students.

All five PhD candidates have demonstrated outstanding achievements throughout their studies. Jana, Jakub, Maxim, and Vojtěch each won one of the top three awards in the Young Economist of the Year competition by the Czech Economic Society in the past three years. Jana, Maxim and Vojtěch all took part in CERGE-EI’s Student Mobilities program and spent a semester researching at New York University, the University of Edinburgh, and the Norwegian School of Economics, respectively. Dagmara was a consultant for the Labor Market Unit of the Czech government’s National Economic Council, an independent advisory body. 

Let us once again congratulate Dagmara, Jana, Jakub, Maxim and Vojtěch, and wish them all the best as they embark on their international academic careers.