Two Grants From GACR For CERGE-EI Researchers

16 December, 2020

Jan Hanousek and Christian Ochsner have been granted funding for their research projects from The Czech Science Foundation (GACR). Jan Hanousek will study the structure of the business group and its interference with key corporate decisions. Christian Ochsner wants to build a team at CERGE-EI that will focus on quantitative history and regional and political economy.

"We aim to analyze changes in the business group structure, and its interference with key corporate decisions, their response to shareholder objectives, external shocks, crisis, changes in bankruptcy risk, tax shields, countries’ tax and regulatory systems, etc," said professor Hanousek about his proposal. 

Christian Ochsner's research "Shocked by wars: Quasi-natural experiments on regional economic growth and nation building" will focus on the history of Austria. The result will be two empirical studies. The first will focus on the regional economic effects of US policies in occupied post- World War II Austria. In the second, he will study how the war experience affected the formation of local or national identity after.

Christian Ochsner uses econometric methods and digitized historical data for his research. He introduced this approach in February, during the public lecture of CERGE-EI´s "Talking Economics!" series.