I.D.E.A at CERGE-EI and People in Need

25 May, 2023

Hundreds of schools and organizations in the CR will participate in Media Education Week. Organized by People in Need, this initiative marks an important step towards a better understanding of media and the development of critical thinking among students. The collaboration with IDEA brings a new lesson focusing on the balance of opinion in the media.

For the seventh time, the One World in Schools (OWS) education programme is organising a multi-week event to promote media literacy among young people called Media Education Week. Over 150 schools in 85 cities participated in this year's event. Pupils and students will discuss journalism with journalists in more than 90 debates. The organizer will also help conduct over 20 field trips to media houses' newsrooms. The offer for schools includes a package with a set of new educational posters called The Five Key Questions. The event will kick off with an online debate for schools on May 23rd at 10am, entitled Quality Journalism in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

There will be further talks with students and selected teachers on June 13th 2023, which will include the co-author of the video What We Think the Experts Think and How We're Wrong ... Michal Bauer.