Monetary Policy since the 1970s: There and Back Again

17 October, 2022

We would like to invite you to a public lecture by Tomáš Holub of Česká národní banka, entitled "Monetary Policy since the 1970s: There and Back Again" which will take place at CERGE-EI in room 7 on Wednesday 26 October 2022 at 17:00.

Register for the event by clicking on this link.

Tomas Holub is a member of the Czech National Bank Board (since 2018), and an Associate Professor at the Institute of Economic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. He specializes in monetary economics and international macroeconomics. His lecture will be followed by a Q&A session moderated by Marek Kapička of CERGE-EI. 

The project is funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU - Národní institut SYRI.