Calling for Help. Who Needs It the Most? Štěpán Jurajda in the Show The Questions of Václav Moravec

23 April, 2021

Professor Štěpán Jurajda, who is also a member of the National Economic Council (NERV) and the Interdisciplinary Group for the Epidemiological Situation (MeSES), participated in a discussion last Sunday on the show “The Questions of Václav Moravec” on TV Channel ČT 1, together with other guests: former Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla and former Minister of Finance Ivan Pilný.

The show’s guests discussed the pandemic law and its subsequent usefulness, and whether the National Recovery Plan will help the Czech economy. During the discussion, Professor Jurajda pointed out the fact that the recovery plan depends mainly on what the state will invest in. “It depends on whether we need to invest in pre-school education in socially excluded regions or requalification; to ensure that people on the labor market are then successful and have the chance to work for a few hundred Czech crowns per hour. That is fundamental," said Professor Jurajda in the discussion.

In the second part of the debate, the guests discussed the launch of kurzarbeit and the implementation of the so-called self-quarantine. Watch the entire show here.