Think-Tank IDEA: State Employees and Civil Servants. Where They Work and How Much They Are Paid

6 January, 2022

In their most recent study, Daniel Bartušek, Petr Bouchal, and Petr Janský analyze public sector employees' numbers and salaries. Approximately one-fifth of the country’s workforce – aroundone million people in the Czech Republic, work for the public sector.

The study shows that in 2020, almost half (464,000) of the public sector employees received payment out of the state budget and can be considered state employees, and only a small proportion of them as civil servants(about 78,000; 8% of all public sector workers). This number, rather low in both absolute and relative terms, stands in contrast to the substantial attention frequently paid in public debate to how many civil servants the country has.

The Czech Academy of Sciences supported Think-Tank IDEA’s production of "State employees and civil servants: where they work and how much they are paid?" as part of its AV21 Strategy program "Society in Motion and Public Policies." The full study (in Czech) and the interactive graphs are available on Think-Tank IDEA's website.