Meet Our Alumni: Egla Mansi

26 April, 2024

After completing her studies at CERGE-EI, Egla Mansi, an Assistant Lecturer at Epoka University, Tirana, made the decision to return to her homeland of Albania. In this new alumni interview on the CERGE-EI Blog, Egla shares her deep-rooted love for learning and researching, which led her to pursue a career in academia.

 "Returning to Albania after completing my studies at CERGE-EI was primarily motivated by a strong desire to contribute to the development and growth of my home country. Throughout my time at CERGE-EI, I gained valuable knowledge and skills that I believed could be instrumental in addressing economic challenges and fostering positive change in Albania. As a country that is still emerging and undergoing rapid transformation, Albania presents numerous opportunities for investment and development. I was eager to leverage the insights and expertise I acquired at CERGE-EI to actively participate in initiatives aimed at driving economic progress. Whether through engaging in policy research, collaborating with local organizations, or pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, I saw returning to Albania as a chance to make a meaningful impact on the socio-economic landscape,"  says Egla.

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Meet CERGE EI alumni Egla Mansi

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