Anniversary Wishes: Byeongju Jeong and Alena Bičáková

12 December, 2021

CERGE-EI celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. What do Byeongju Jeong and Alena Bičáková wish for CERGE-EI in the years to come?

Byeongju Jeong, Mellon Endowment Associate Professor with Tenure, CERGE-EI

"When I came to CERGE-EI two dozen years ago, we were young and aspiring. Since then, CERGE-EI has become mature, stable, and known widely for excellent research and education. I am thankful to all those who contributed to our success in so many ways, and wish to congratulate all of us."

Alena Bičáková, Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Director for Graduate Studies, CERGE-EI

"Ten years ago, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, CERGE-EI could proudly describe itself as a well-recognized international institution producing well-published economic research and providing high-quality post-graduate education.

It is wonderful that over the last ten years, CERGE-EI made further steady progress towards academic excellence. We are proud to be an institution that has researchers regularly publishing in top five international academic journals in economics, prestigious international grants (including ERC) and awards, and worldwide respect for top experts in their fields.

We are equally proud of many of our students who succeeded in getting very good academic jobs at high-quality international institutions upon graduation and became top economic researchers themselves over the last ten years.

Since the last anniversary, we have also started a new Master’s in Economic Research that allows us to enroll top quality students after their BA level graduation and guide them towards receiving their PhD degree.

Finally, CERGE-EI also continues to take on social responsibility and actively participates in policy-oriented research, policy advisory bodies, and public debates. Many CERGE-EI experts play a key advisory role, especially during the pandemic.

Congratulations Everyone and Happy 30th Anniversary!"

Read more about CERGE-EI's history, achievements, and wishes on its 30th anniversary website.