Štěpán Jurajda Appointed to Serve as Vice-Chairman of the R&D&I Council

2 March, 2022

The Research, Development and Innovation Council (R&D&I Council) appointed Prof. Štěpán Jurajda to be its Vice-Chairman. Prof. Jurajda also serves as the Deputy Minister for Science, Research and Innovation of the Czech Republic.

R&D&I Council is an advisory body to Czech’s government in research, experimental development, and innovation. The Council is an active moderator and coordinator of debates among main actors of management and operation of R&D&I system in the Czech Republic. In the performance of its tasks, the Council shall cooperate with central administrative authorities and institutions engaged in research, experimental development and innovation. The Council shall report to the Government on its activities and, where necessary, shall submit recommendations and reports on the state of research, experimental development and innovation.

Štěpán Jurajda is a Mellon Endowment Professor with tenure at CERGE-EI, and served as its director in  2009-2013. He received his PhD at University of Pittsburgh and did a postdoc at Princeton University. In addition to his membership in the Government Council for Research, Development and Innovation (RVVI) and chairing its Commission for Evaluation of Research Organizations and Programs (KHV), he is a member of the Academic Assembly of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Scientific Council of Charles University, the Scientific Council of Masaryk University, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, and of CERGE-EI Foundation Board.