People of CERGE-EI: Meet Our Alumni

20 April, 2021

Libor Krkoška enrolled in the PhD in Economics program only two years after CERGE-EI was founded. Following his graduation, he was the first graduate from Eastern Europe hired by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Chief Economist Office in 1997. Ever since then he has been an active employee of the ERBD for some 24 years, working in multiple positions all around the world.

How different of an experience was it for him back then at CERGE-EI? "Being one of the first graduates of CERGE-EI ­— I was the 7th graduate from its founding — was both challenging, since we had to showcase the quality of the untested, newly established institution, but also very rewarding. I am always pleased to see yet another CERGE-EI graduate hired by international institutions," remembers Libor in the interview.

What is his role now in the EBRD as Country Strategy Deputy Director in London? And what does he perceive as the strongest message CERGE-EI gives to its students? Find out the answers in the latest interview with Libor published on the CERGE-EI blog.