CERGE-EI Media Highlights for February

9 March, 2021

The necessity of an absolute lockdown, the cessation of production, and an overall analysis of the epidemiological situation were again the most frequent topics of our researchers in the Czech media in February.

Štěpán Jurajda, in his essay in the Vision from Crisis podcast by iROZHLAS, considered how solutions based on research and statistics could help to restore confidence in politicians in the public eye.

In mid-February, Martin Srholec gave an interview for Charles University’s Forum magazine about a study they carried out together with Vít Macháček, which dealt with predatory journals penetrating the Scopus scientific database. Their work, already published in the prestigious journal Scientometrics, also attracted the attention of the editors of Nature magazine, and thus they mentioned the study in the science and research section.

Our academics and members of NERV - Jan Švejnar, Štěpán Jurajda, and Daniel Prokop - called on the prime minister, in an open letter, for the government to do its utmost to avoid huge loss of life, long-term economic impact, and a breakdown of trust in public institutions. Jan Švejnar spoke about the letter in the show 168 Hours on TV channel ČT 1.

Filip Pertold shared his opinion on the proposed reform of the pension system for In the Morning Briefing podcast by Petr Honzejka, he talked about the need for an absolute lockdown.

Václav Korbel, a behavioral economist and member of the IDEA think tank, gave an interview about a study that analyzed the state of parents of school children during the lockdown.

Hospodářské noviny published an article on the social status of apprenticeship education in the country, based on a study of the IDEA think-tank, which discusses what kind of pupils apply for apprenticeships without a high school diploma.