The Czech Economic Society awarded the Young Economist of the Year 2023 Awards

6 December, 2023

Czech Economic Society's Young Economist competition 2023 laureate is Theodor Kouro, a PhD in Economics student at CERGE-EI. He won the prize for the work "Let me Choose What I'm Best at: A Natural Field Experiment with Volunteers."

 Second place in the Young Economist competition was awarded to a CERGE-EI doctoral student Artem Razumovskii for his work on the topic "Interim Deadline for Procrastinator" and third place goes to Alexander Hansak, a post-doctoral researcher at CERGE-EI for his work "Quantifying the Effects of Basic Income Programs in the Presence of Automation.”

In his article in the field of behavioral and experimental economics, Theodor Kouro examines whether volunteers are willing to exert more effort in their activity if given the choice to choose a specific volunteer activity. In his award-winning work, Artem Razumovski deals with the issue of partial time inconsistency in the form of procrastination, i.e. the inability of people to follow a set schedule of ongoing work on assigned tasks and the resulting efforts to postpone increased work effort into the future. In his work, Alexander Hansak analyzes the effects of tax reforms that include the concept of a universal guaranteed income. He develops the quantitative theory of the labor market and innovatively enriches the current concept of guaranteed income in connection with the process of automation of work activities when existing workers are replaced by robots.

The Czech Economic Society awards the "Young Economist of the Year" to economists under the age of 30 who enter the competition by sending their original professional work. The prizes of the 30th edition of the competition were ceremoniously handed over by CSE President Daniel Münich, CSE President Emeritus from the early 1990s Karel Dyba, and the first ever laureates of this prize at the General Assembly of the Czech Economic Society, which took place on November 30, 2023.  

Congratulations to the winners!