Congratulations to PhD and MA in Economics Graduates

7 June, 2018

The 2018 PhD and MA in Economics Graduation Ceremony took place on Friday, 1 June at 11:00 in the historic halls of Schebek Palace. Opening remarks were given by the Ambassador of the United States to the Czech Republic, Mr. Stephen B. King; member of the CERGE-EI Foundation Board, Susan Walton; and the co-founder of CERGE-EI and Director of the Center on Global Economic Governance at Columbia University, Prof. Jan Švejnar. 

All speakers focused on the future, power and responsibility that graduates now have. Mr. King encouraged them to excel, to fulfill the promise they bear. He also stressed the importance of building strong relationships and educating excellent economists in the region. Ms Walton focused on the fact that a pre-requisite of a succesful professional carreer is leading a happy and meaningful life, with giving being its inherent part. Mr. Švejnar reminded graduates that they are becoming a part of the diverse and powerful alumni community, and they will be always welcome to return to CERGE-EI. 

The student speech was given by Dejan Kovač, currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University, who pointed out that one of the greatest achievements beside graduates' diplomas are the friendships they made during their studies.  He added: "We have learned how to be economists but no one teaches you how to be prepared for life and its greatest challenges. Some of you are going to continue in academia and some of you are going to try your luck in the private or governmental sector. You will face many challenges in the future, but I am sure about one thing: if you approach every problem in your life with the same devotion, same motivation, and same work ethics as you did during your studies, there is no challenge you can't tackle."

Warm congratulations again to all our graduates.

Pictures from the Graduation Ceremony can be found here.